Great visit to Republica Coffee Roasters in Fort Langley

You know whats nice...Morning Coffee.

Good morning Coffee. Good Coffee morning. Morning Coffee good.

Its no wonder the fine folks at Republica are doing well. Rick and Hiro have spent the last six years honing their craft and pleasing pallets around the Fraser Valley. Take a look at

We enjoyed visiting our favorite roasters in Port Kells today and talked shop merrily. Kenji wasnt in today but he is always a joy to run into. The folks at Companion Whole Foods love it when people smile, say Hi and remember your name. Kenji never misses.

We are keen to share that Cold Brew Coffee will be coming soon from Republica and we want to lead the charge. 

Companion would like to hear from our customers on their take..Should we offer a cold brew or simply share our excitement of Republica's cold brew. coming soon.....perhaps

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