cane sugar

Organic Coffee Cacao and Cane Sugar Now!


Living in Vancouver you get a real sense of too many choices. We are trying to encourage an environment where less is more. Provide quality, tasty and affordable foodstuffs. That is what we will do, and strive to do it consistently well. Overkill is abundant in our town.

I am talking about the amount of coffee houses and whole food providers that exceed the art galleries, boutiques and live music venues. What is cool about the people at Companion Whole Foods is they are not trying to compete with the world mega brands nor will they need to. Companion Whole Foods are dealing direct with the farmers of the products provided through partnered friend and family connections. 

Organic is important to all who are watching what they put in their bodies and no one is more familiar with it than generations of farmers in the Andean Hills that grow Companion Whole Foods Coffee, Cacao and Sugar Cane. They do not spray toxic chemicals or use factory produced fertilizers. They are traditional and humble in their techniques and deliver exceptionally high quality and delicious whole food products. 

Have you tried our products yet? If you havent you should and then share your comments, we are serious about hearing if you love our Coffee, Cacao and Panela as much as we do..