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Bean to Bar class now on Fieldtripp.com

Who Remembers going on a Fieldtrip?

Bean to Bar Chocolate Class May 18th 2016 www.companionwholefoods.com

Its time to start getting out and having some fun.

Fieldtripp.com has made it possible with great ease to plan and book events from the convenience of your cellphone, tablet or computer. 

Let me introduce my new friend Aki Kaltenbach. She is an entrepreneur and absolute go getter.  She and her team decided to create a site where people could go and "learn something new". 

Founded in December 2015 and based in Vancouver, Canada, Fieldtripp is a becoming a trusted community for people to list, discover and book unique experiences in their city - online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

Whether you want to learn how to make your own Kimchi,made at home Cacao bean to bar chocolate, sharpen your Whisky palate, or learn how to surf....we make it easy to find, book and organize all of this and more with ease.

I enjoyed speaking with Aki from the first moment on our call together. She called me because she noticed www.companionwholefoods.com  was doing a class in Vancouver and had posted it through Eventbrite. 

After a barrage of questions and service curiosities were answered I went for it. Companion may not look back. 

www.Fieldtripp.com is run well and I have had the opportunity to speak to Aki directly and her incredible support staff. Both via Telephone and through easy to communicate emails. Fieldtripp has organized the payment solutions and guest lists making the entire process simple and simply effective.

They are new and ambitious and I am confident Fieldtripp will be successfull.

Coming with the level of enthusiasm I have from working with this team, you may too.

The Companion Whole Foods class coming up May 18th at 6:30pm at 3737 Angus will be a sell out since Yossi Rouch will be making the Chocolate, Nils Hognestad www.chocolatehog.ca will be showcasing technique and incredible style and panache and I will be pouring the wine.

Please come join us on a fieldtripp to Companion Whole Foods 

Who remembers going on a Fieldtripps?  Bean to Bar class.