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Companion Whole Foods - Coffee and Cacao Review - Vancouver

Disclosure: This was a complimentary sampling provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation.


Where does your coffee come from? For most people, they’ll guess “somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn” or they’ll look up the brand they just bought. It’s harder to pinpoint which family specifically has grown your beans, and that’s where a company like Companion Whole Foods comes in. These folks themselves visit Narino Department, Colombia to visit friends and farmers involved in the process of bean-to-bar, fair-trade, naturally-grown, and all the other buzzwords associated with what’s considered a “good” bean. I had the opportunity to try their coffee and cacao so read past the jump to hear all about what makes these guys geographically superior to the competition.


I had the chance to try the following:

  • Companion Co. Medium Roast Coffee Beans ($20/500g bag)
  • A handful of Whole Bean Cacao (reg. $22/500g bag)

The Companion Co. coffee beans come in a rather unassuming package but has a bold logo and a very tight seal. Breaking this open and getting my first whiff I tasted notes of fresh chocolatey coffee bean. Looking inside the bag, I was pleased to see the beans were all intact. That is, no bean in sight was previously cracked in shipping so potency was retained during the trip from near the Andes into my hands.

Companion Co Medium Roast

As I only had basic coffee equipment at home, I had my friend Angus over for coffee and we brewed a batch using an AeroPress. This method led to a pretty quick brew and produced an opaque coffee as we adhered to regular brewing directions.

AeroPress Action

Taking our first sips of the coffee, I noticed there was zero grainy residue in the glass nor was there any oily film greasing the top of the coffee. In the past few months, I noticed the Starbucks brew we use at the office tends to have a filmy top even after the pipes were serviced, so this was a welcome sight.

The coffee had, as previously whiffed, a chocolatey taste and a slight sweetness. We believe with the AeroPress that the coffee may have tasted less acidic compared to other brewing methods but a low-acidity cup is actually my preferred method. 

At $20, this 500g bag does not compete with entry-level brands like Kicking Horse (found at Loblaws). Rather, it is meant to be the geographically-best coffee in the world sourced from optimal climate, elevation, and skilled farmers in Colombia. It’s an exquisite fair-trade, organic, single-origin bean, no doubt, but is likely worth splurging on while these folks are still growing with their partnered farmers. You’ll be able to find these beans at places like Ten Thousand Villages in Langley. 

Brewed Coffee

I also got a taste of Companion Whole Foods’ Whole Bean Cacao. These full-sized nibs similarly had a potent cacao aroma to them and were very edible. I took my one cup sample of cacao, grinded it up, blended it with some avocado, agave, and almond milk to create a raw vegan cacao mousse in less than 12 minutes. I sliced up an apple and used the wedges as dippers for the mousse. Delicious!

Raw Cacao Beans

Raw Cacao Avocado Mousse

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Companion Whole Foods is a small operation but has a strong farm-to-family mission that I believe is a relevant topic in today’s grocery world. For environementally-partial coffee drinkers who enjoy a chocolatey medium roast served dark, the Companion Co Medium Roast is worth trying and the 500g bag is a great value given its pedigree and number of designations. If you are a persistent surveyor of entry-level brand coffee, this may not be the coffee for you. Nontheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next from Companion Whole Foods! Check them out at the following:

  • Ten Thousand Villages (Langley)
  • Unity Yoga (Commercial and 12th Ave, Vancouver)
  • Rustic Roots Health Foods (Brookswood, Langley)
  • Food Hub (Yew and York in Kitsilano, Vancouver)
  • Kitchen Therapy (White Rock)
  • Through their website

Gkup Coffee. What a great team with incredible vision!

What a joy it was to start my day off at the Headquarters of GKup Coffee. Yossi and I strode into the bright Innovation Lab space on Great Northern Way to be greeted by the charming and charasmatic Marc Bains. Marc is one of the Lead Technologists and Social Media specialists at GKup. Later we were met by Darren Footz the fearless leader and innovator of the GKup Coffee concept and reality.

What is a Gkup you ask? will explain in a lot of ways but for our conversation it's simple. If you know what Coffee Pods or K cups are....then you know that garbage bins are filled with them. Sure makes brewing single cup coffee a breeze, but to choke up our landfills who would have guessed?? Well Darren saw the light and the pile of disposable cups all over the transfer stations and dumps worldwide and said ENOUGH!!!! 

Gkup Coffee has created a compostable, completely biodegradable single-serve coffee pods for use in Keurig and soon to be other manufacturers single cup coffee machines worldwide. Awesome!

We at Companion Whole foods have spoken to our partners about single-serve pods and were equally as disgusted by the amount of waste day in and day out that has caused billions YES billions with a "B" of those little cups to choke out environment year after year since their invention. And along came Gkup Coffee. Speaking to Darren we shared the interest in not participating in the plastics and polymers that do not compost, that cannot be recycled, and agree that a plant-based solution is necessary and will be embraced by millions of coffee lovers in the very near future. 

Companion Whole Foods has every intention to share the GKup Coffee vision with our Partners. We spoke earlier this year about packing single serve coffee and the downside garbage wise was so offensive we chose not to. Until now, what Gkup Coffee is offering us and our customers is a game changer. The farmers in Colombia who do their part in bringing us wholesome organic healthy products into our kitchens and we shall reciprocate by bringing healthy wholesome organic containers in which to host and showcase their delicious offerings and sparing Mother Earth along the way!!!

For more information on GKup Coffee please go to their website and learn about the timing of these wonderful little cups that will help encourage the prolific rise of single- serve coffee machines into our busy households. No longer will we have to compromise our neighbourhood landfills at the expense our our yummy caffeine-induced habits.


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Organic Coffee Cacao and Cane Sugar Now!


Living in Vancouver you get a real sense of too many choices. We are trying to encourage an environment where less is more. Provide quality, tasty and affordable foodstuffs. That is what we will do, and strive to do it consistently well. Overkill is abundant in our town.

I am talking about the amount of coffee houses and whole food providers that exceed the art galleries, boutiques and live music venues. What is cool about the people at Companion Whole Foods is they are not trying to compete with the world mega brands nor will they need to. Companion Whole Foods are dealing direct with the farmers of the products provided through partnered friend and family connections. 

Organic is important to all who are watching what they put in their bodies and no one is more familiar with it than generations of farmers in the Andean Hills that grow Companion Whole Foods Coffee, Cacao and Sugar Cane. They do not spray toxic chemicals or use factory produced fertilizers. They are traditional and humble in their techniques and deliver exceptionally high quality and delicious whole food products. 

Have you tried our products yet? If you havent you should and then share your comments, we are serious about hearing if you love our Coffee, Cacao and Panela as much as we do..