Our coffee is 100% Arabica Single Origin bean from Narino Colombia.

Between the valleys and mountains of Narino emerge exclusive crops of Arabica special 100% Colombian coffee thanks to its soils of Volcanic origin. Its privileged location in the equatorial zone and its variety of microclimates; allowing these crops to receive adequate levels of sunshine, rainfall, wind and prolonged maturation time. The essence of of our produce is based on its full traceability, agricultural practices of small crops where tradition and craftwork are combined in every process. This allows us to obtain a smooth and generous coffee with fruity and spicy notes. Our coffee is privileged to wear the certification and authorized to use the Colombian Coffee Protected Denomination of Origin.

Our coffee is organic planted, grown, picked and harvested through friends and family members who have been born and raised in the Samaniego Valleys. We are excited and proud to present from Farm to Family this proud heritage of quality coffee.


To prepare a perfect cup..

1. Use a proper grinder..   For EXPRESSO MACHINE= Medium Fine     For DRIP COFFEEMAKER=Medium  For FRENCH PRESSED=Coarse

2. Exact Measurement: 5 to 7 grams of Companion Coffee for a cup (120ml) of pure hot water.


Recommendation//  To maintain good flavour and fragrance make sure to seal pouch/container of unused coffee tightly closed after each use and consume as soon as possible. Never reheat the drink, and discard the unused portion. After opening the bag, store in a cool,dry and odor free location.

Thank-you from our Farms to your Family.