Farm To Family

Single Origin. Direct Trade. Ethically Sourced from the Andes Mountains in Colombia


From Farm to Family

Each of your products, the Coffee, Cacao, Panela and Quinoa has been planted, grown, harvested and packaged by friends and family.

You as a customer of Companion Whole Foods are part of that family. Quality and freshness take a major role in Companion.

We have selected for you and your family foods grown and harvested under some of the finest and most lush growing conditions on our planet.

Narino Colombia is nestled in and throughout the high lush jungles of the south western Andes mountain range giving it the perfect environment to grow these super foods that are companion whole foods. 



What's the community saying about Companion Whole Foods?

In some ways I wished I never tried that Companion Coffee, other coffees just dont taste the same to me anymore. Its like silk in your mouth!
— Michael Hinton, Father of three
Getting to see who has planted, grown and picked my actual coffee, panela and cacao has made a difference to me. My families joys are now connected to another a hemisphere away. Thank-you
— Jeremy Chiu, Vancouverite
having a chance to meet the farmers directly and experiencing the process Companion takes on bringing these products to market has me ambitious to share.
— Yosef Rouch, health enthusiast, benevolent traveller
Cacao is awesome, when I ground it up along with some panela and hot milk, a dash of chili, REAL Hot chocolate is a game changer!!
— Cody Curley, designer
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